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Well, I didn’t quite get to post every day this month, but I did post way more than last year or the year before. I posted 28 out of 31 days, and I’m pretty proud of that. I’m okay, other than a little whiplash, but my car slipped on the ice this weekend, wrestled with a tree, and lost. I was feeling a little miserable, so I ended up pounding a fancy soda, half a sleeve of accidentally vegan cookies, and passing out in sugar coma on the sofa. So, I took a little break this weekend, but I wanted to be sure to get in a post on the last day.

I had some sweet potatoes on my counter that  needed to be used, and was thinking about something savory, and maybe Halloween themed. I was going to make chili, but remembered to corn tortillas in my fridge and decided to make an enchilada casserole instead.

I used the TVP taco meat from the taco salad in Yellow Rose Recipes. YRR is no longer in print, but Joanna is working on a “Best of…”, which I highly encourage you to buy. I’m still kicking myself for not buying extra copies of YRR to give to family, so I plan on buying copies to keep at my parents’ and in-laws’.

This was a delicious black and orange casserole. I suppose pumpkin would have been a little more fitting, but the sweet potatoes worked perfectly with the black beans and spicy taco seasoning. I didn’t really measure anything except the ingredients for the TVP, but here is the basic idea. Read More

I really needed a night off yesterday. I have a lot of deadlines at work, and put in over 50 hours this week. I could barely make myself dinner last night, and I didn’t think anyone wanted to see a bowl of reheated greens and Gardein, even though it was tasty. I did get 7 glorious hours of sleep, and almost felt like a normal person today.

I’ve been thinking about the recipe for banana split cashew ice cream that Dawn posted at veg-am since I read it. Despite the plummeting temperatures and winter storm warning, I really wanted this tonight. I didn’t plan ahead and put my ice cream container in the freezer, but I did have lots of frozen bananas.

At this point, I think everyone has heard of banana soft serve. I first remember reading about it banana soft serve on Dreena Burton’s blog. I started reading her cookbooks before I took the vegan plunge, and her recipes are still some of my favorites.

So, tonight I decided to simplify and add some banana split toppings to banana soft serve. I whizzed my bananas with some vanilla powder, then mixed in some chunks pf an organic nectars raw chocolate bar, dried cherries, peanuts, and some dried pineapple. It definitely satisfied my ice cream craving, but I really want to try the full version with the nut butter added! Read More

We went to see Ani DiFranco perform at 6th & I tonight, so we decided to meet up for dinner at Ella’s Wood Fired Pizza, which has several vegan options, including lightly applied vegan cheese. I suspect it’s Daiya, which I like, but I do appreciate a light hand with it.

We started off with a spinach, strawberry, and candied almond salad, which was sprinkled with coarse sugar. It sounds weird, but it was actually really good!

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