This year, I finally decided to join the rest of the civilized foodie world and finally start a blog. I won’t promise there will always be photos, or that I won’t be too hungry to take a decent photo before digging in, but I am going to try to write often.

This month is VeganMoFo, or Vegan Month of Food. I’ve already warned my family, and they are expecting frequent photos during meals. They’re already used to my kookiness, so they shouldn’t be too phased by my latest hobby.

4 Responses to “Introductions”
  1. celine says:

    woohoo! I’m rushing to add you to my blogroll.

  2. lucianaskitchen says:

    Yay! The hardest part is now over. All I need to do is start cooking and photographing again.

  3. celine says:

    *pokepokepoke* where are ya?

  4. Karyn says:

    Glad to see that you have joined the rest of us crazies!

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