I’m back!!

Apparently, there is a Worpress application on iPhone, which will make it much easier to blog on the go. In fact, I composed this while speeding through the streets of DC. Just kidding!! I’ve also decided that every post doesn’t need to contain a recipe, and every photo doesn’t need to be composed and perfect. As much as it kills me, it’s the only way I know I’ll actually blog on a regular basis.

This blog is about food. Good, vegan food. I started this to start writing more, and to connect with my fellow foodies, vegan and not. To show, like so many others out there, that vegans eat more than tofu and wheatgrass.

Speaking of which, these little babies are cinnamon rolls from Great Sage in all their gooey, sugary glory. Carl and I brunch there so often that the staff now know who we are. Pretty soon, we’ll be on a first name basis because we will definitely continue to eat there a lot.

What you don’t see is the zucchini and spinach quiche, roasted potatoes, and salad I consumed before this photo was taken. Burp…

2 Responses to “I’m back!!”
  1. celine says:

    uhm, hello? this photo is perfect and then some!

  2. lucianaskitchen says:

    Oh Celine, you flatter. I hope my photos can be half as good as yours!

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