Random Pictures of Cookies

I’m currently working on moving my main blogging over to another domain, mostly because I’d like to post about more than just cooking. I’ll keep this one for recipes and such, but I think another blog would be more appropriate for posting craft projects, photos and reviews of restaurant meals, and other random day-to-day things that don’t necessarily happen in my kitchen. I also think that I’ll feel less pressure to have recipes, something which has been keeping me from posting as often as I’d like in this blog, because I feel guilty calling it my kitchen, then not actually posting about anything having to do with it.

Well, these cookies were baked in my kitchen. They are test recipes for Isa and Terry’s upcoming cookie cookbook. Fudgy shortbread and delicious blueberry bars.

Starry Fudge Shortbread

Blueberry Crumb Bars

3 Responses to “Random Pictures of Cookies”
  1. lauren says:

    They look great! Man, now I want cookies…

  2. bazu says:

    oh, I’d give anything to be in your kitchen right now.

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