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My husband and I recently attended a wedding in St. Louis, and decided to see if there were any vegan-friendly restaurants in the area. We were lucky to have family that made a nice lunch for us, but were a little worried that we wouldn’t have much to eat at the reception. So, we were excited when we found an all-vegan cafe. It was about 10 miles away from our hotel, but since we had plenty of time between the ceremony and reception, we decided to check it out.

Vegadeli is tucked in a shopping center in Chesterfield, a suburb of St. Louis. If you weren’t looking for it, you could easily miss it. As soon as we walked in, we were greeted with a friendly hello, and an impressively huge menu of completely vegan food, including a couple of raw dishes. There were salads, burgers, pasta, lots of comfort food, smoothies, and a small selection of desserts in a bakery case.

After some contemplation, I decided on the chili cheese burger with a side of macaroni and cheese, Carl picked a spicy Jerk-style burger and a side of nachos. I also got a peach smoothie.

The food was really filling and I especially liked the nachos and mac & cheese. I think the cheese sauce for the nachos was made in-house, and the mac & cheese was nice and rich, but not greasy.  It even tasted good cold, on the plane ride home, the next day. The burgers were okay, but I thought mine could have used a little more chili flavor. I finished the whole thing, though, so I guess it wasn’t too bad!

I apologize in advance for the phone-quality photos and poor lighting, but you get the idea!

Zen Vegetarian

Vega Deli St. Louis

We also decided to get a few things to go–carrot cake, a wrap, and a large order of mac and cheese. The carrot cake was moist, perfectly spiced, and had a wonderful cream cheese icing. The wrap was filled with brown rice, and veggies. It was basic, but tasty.

Vegadeli is definitely worth checking out if you’re ever in the St. Louis area and in need of some good vegan food.

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  1. I like this place too. I’ve eaten there a few times and have always enjoyed my selections. I just wish they were closer.

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