Vegan Vienna Adventures

I’ve been meaning to write about this for a while, especially since I visited Vienna back in mid-October.

I had a blast, and ate tons of amazing food. When Bazu and I arrived, we were famished, so after dropping off our bags at our friend Carmen’s, we headed over to Formosa Vegetarian to meet up with Melanie and Rachel.

I decided to try out a Bionade drink, which was really light, bubbly, refreshing, with just a hint of sweetness.

Then I had Cordon Bleu with a potato dumpling. Luckily, Melanie was there to translate for me since I really wanted that dumpling instead of potato salad. The Cordon Bleu was frighteningly realistic, and stuffed with perfectly smokey ham and creamy cheeze. I don’t need to say it was vegan ham, right? I also got soup. I don’t know what was in it, but it was savory and good.

I topped off the meal with some of the most perfectly creamy, delicious vegan ice cream I’ve had. I couldn’t decide, so I chose a scoop of both raspberry and blueberry vanilla swirl.

Later that night, we went to Landia, the first of two trips. I opted for the goulash with more dumplings. I can still taste it. It was perfectly salty and fatty, with tons of sweet paprika and onions. We went there for a huge PPK meet-up a few days later, and I just couldn’t resist ordering the same thing. The owner/head chef and staff were incredibly nice. He actually planned a menu with tons of great Austrian food for our huge group, and there was also a cute little dog behind the bar helping to keep the customers in line.

The first big meet-up took place at Rupps,  a vegetarian restaurant and whiskey bar. I had some really authentic tasting bratwurst and the most amazing grilled cheese sandwich with chopped vegetables.

We also had some amazing meals in Bratislava and Budapest. Stay tuned! I do plan on posting more this year, even if I’m the only one reading this!

14 Responses to “Vegan Vienna Adventures”
  1. Jojo says:

    I’m still reading, I’m glad I’m not the only one who ordered the same thing both times at Landia. I wish I’d tried the Cordon Bleu, it look and sounds yummy…guess I’ll have to go back to Vienna!

  2. Carlota says:

    I think this dumpling is what we call Knödel.
    I love it and always make this at home..
    some nice vegan recipes of it:

    and when you make with potatos:


  3. Mihl says:

    I might hop onto the next train to Vienna to grab such a cordon bleu! And dumpling looks perfect, perfect, perfect! I’m craving semmelknödel now.

    • Luciana says:

      I’m going to have try out the knödel recipes from your blog, when the craving hits me. Meanwhile, I’ll have to work on convincing the husband that I need to go back to Vienna! :)

  4. Jessica says:

    I wish it was warmer outside because I’m totally craving ice cream right now! Your cone looks creamy and perfect – yum! :)

  5. celine says:

    you’re not the only one reading this! let’s go have some mango vodka drinky thing, why don’t we?

  6. bazu says:

    I still dream of those dumplings! They were so perfect! The dumplings and the schnitzel burger at Rupps are my 2 top reasons for wanting to return to Vienna! Oh, and awesome Carmen, Joshua, Melanie, and Mike, of COURSE…

  7. carmen says:

    Come back!! There are so many things that you didn’t get to try!

  8. Hannah says:

    Oh my, that ice cream cone is simply dreamy! I didn’t imagine Vienna would be so vegan friendly…

    • Luciana says:

      I was amazed at the number of vegan and vegan-friendly places. It also helped to have some friendly tour guides who knew where to find the best of everything. :)

  9. Bruce says:

    I might hop onto the next train to Vienna to grab such a cordon bleu! And dumpling looks perfect, perfect, perfect! I’m craving semmelknödel now.

  10. Kip says:

    I NEED to go to Vienna! I keep reading all about PPK adventures and seeing all of these pictures, and I’m going to die of ooohing and ahhing. Short flight, must go.

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