Bratislava and Budapest

I’ve been so busy lately with moving, some projects, etc. I really need to start picking up my camera again. I’ve been cooking up a storm lately, I just haven’t been documenting it. Now that we’re settled in, things should pick up again!

Then, I realized my trip was almost six months ago, and I started writing this several months ago. Anyway, on with the much-delayed trip report.

While our home-base was Vienna, we also took side trips to Bratislava and Budapest. Bazu, Carmen, Melanie, Jojo, Rachel, and I spent a day in Bratislava wandering around the city, looking in second hand stores (I found an awesome pink jacket, a dress, and a very cool shirt!), and also found some vegan food. We ended up going to City Restaurant, which is a cafeteria-style vegetarian restaurant, and luckily there was a woman who was able to translate and point out the vegan selections to us!

I had seitan and vegetables in some sort of gravy served over a multi-grain pilaf, and a really good chewy freshly baked bread roll.
Vegan Food in Bratislava

We wandered around a little more, stopped for a leisurely cup of coffee, and then it was time for Bazu, Carmen, Jojo, and I to hop on the train to Budapest.
Coffee in Bratislava

While in Budapest, we ate at the lovely Napfenyes Etterem. I had a platter of Cheezly breaded with sesame seeds and spelt bread crumbs and served with the most perfectly cooked rice and peas. The Cheezly was amazing at the restaurant, and also made a really good cold snack the next day. I definitely need to try and replicate it at home. Jojo had an amazing seitan pepperoni, three cheese, and green olive pizza on spelt crust, then we shared a bunch of desserts – A chocolate sour cherry cake, a chestnut cake, and a chocolate cake lightly flavored with cherry.

Vegan Cake in Budapest

On the way home, we ran into George Clooney, who tried to entice us with coffee. Unfortunately, he didn’t have decaf so we had to decline since we didn’t want to be up all night!
George Clooney in Budapest, What Else?

The next day, we visited Eden Vegetarianus Etterem, a cafeteria-style cafe near where we were sightseeing. The food was very tasty and filling, and we filled our bellies with soup, noodles, potato dishes, and lots of bread and desserts, but it was a little dark (I think I’m going to need to get myself a travel tripod), so the only decent photo I have is of Carmen’s dessert. We still don’t know what it was, but it was soft and tasted of cinnamon.

I also came away from this trip with an enormous haul of food (including several packs of yogurt I crammed into my suitcase) that I never actually photographed because I couldn’t get it all in one photo. I’ll just say that I’ve eaten a ton of it, gave away huge gift bags full of goodies, and I still have quite a bit left.

9 Responses to “Bratislava and Budapest”
  1. melanie says:

    aww, the bratislava trip was awesome!! remember the blue church that looked like a giant frosted cake?

  2. Phoenix says:

    Hi Luciana –
    to me the mystery dessert looks like chestnut “spaghetti” with cream, a treat I loved as a kid (it’s even more awesome over vanilla ice cream).
    The cakes look sooo delicious; I definitely need more vegan cake.

  3. Hannah says:

    Incredible cakes! What I would do for just a bite of the chestnut one…

  4. bazu says:

    Good times! Also, so good to know what that dessert was- it was so mild and good! We need to go back… soon…

  5. Rasjoseph says:

    Looks good!
    Luv to see you keepin it ital !!
    One love

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