Vegan Mofo: Day 2 – Frosty Weather

The early morning temperatures have dipped below freezing, and although I’m still drinking a frosty green smoothie for breakfast, I’ve been craving fall flavors. Soon, I’ll probably start eating warm cereal for breakfast. I have a ton of amaranth that I need to use up, along with a lot of other things in my pantry, but that’s an entry for another day.

Tonight’s dinner included Lemon Herb Tofu. The recipe in Vive Le Vegan was one of the first I made, and I still base my own baked tofu on Dreena’s, but I don’t measure any more, and usually improvise by adding my own herbs.  I also made acorn squash, steamed in a little apple juice, cinnamon, and maple syrup. Then, I cooked up some quinoa in apple juice, cinnamon, and allspice, and threw in a handful of cranberries. I served it all over a bed of spinach and sprinkled everything with lightly toasted sunflower seeds.

I’m going to give you all an amazing tip for toasting seeds and nuts. Don’t turn the stove on high, pour your seeds into a pan, and decide to go pick out your clothes for the next day. Twice. I know, it seems like this would be very difficult to accomplish, but once you master this technique, you’ll be a seed-toasting expert.

Twin Oaks tofu is made semi-locally, and is some of the best tofu I’ve ever had. I never need to press it, or even pat it dry, and it comes out perfectly firm and almost chewy. I used the Fine Herb variety tonight, but the Italian Herb tofu is also delicious, and the plain extra firm is also wonderful.

I’m thinking of turning the remaining acorn squash into soup later this week. I also got some really cute carnival squash in my organic delivery box that I plan on stuffing with something yummy.

Vegan Mofo: Day 2 - Tofu, Quinoa, Acorn Squash

3 Responses to “Vegan Mofo: Day 2 – Frosty Weather”
  1. phoenix says:

    Aww, yummy!
    I’m also making a lot of dishes featuring pumpkin and squash. I love orange food, don’t you?
    Happy MoFo! 😀

  2. That is one BEAUTIFUL plate of deliciousness.

  3. Mo says:

    That meal sounds and looks so frickin good!!! I can’t wait until it starts to get reasonably cold here. I still can’t turn off my air conditioner.

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