Only Kale Can Save Us Now

I got an email from Herbivore Clothing Company with this poster inside, just as I was writing my intro post for this blog. I pretty much had to order this. I’m getting one for my home office.

Only Kale Can Save Us Poster From Herbivore Clothing

Along with this shirt:

Kale Can Save Us Sticker from Herbivore Clothing Company

And this sticker for my office at work:

Kale Can Save Us Shirt from Herbivore

Thank you, Herbivore for fulfilling all of my kale-themed needs. I hope to visit you in person while I’m in Portland!

Only 10 days until Vegan Vida Con!

6 Responses to “Only Kale Can Save Us Now”
  1. Mihl says:

    Your new blog looks great, I am glad you are posting again. I love that shirt. And if course it is true.

    • Luciana says:

      Thanks for following me over here!

      I can’t wait to get the shirt. I can already tell it will be one of my favorites.

  2. Tanya says:

    OMG!! If it has to do with kale, I NEED it!!! Love it :)

  3. kittee says:

    I wear a kale button with the thumbs up on it.

  4. celine says:

    I adore this shirt! maybe we could make ourselves tees out of actual kale leaves?

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