Vida Vegan Con – Thank You!

Thank You!! Image

I can’t believe Vida Vegan Con is over, and I’m home. VVC was the beginning of a 10 day west coast trip for me, and I have so much to share. I remember reading the announcement nearly a year ago, buying my ticket last December, and enduring months of nervousness and anticipation. The weekend flew by, and while I was expecting it to be wonderful, it was even better than I’d hoped.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Jess, Michele, and Janessa for the marvelous job each of you did coordinating this event. Thank you for the awesome swag bags, the hotel swag, and the break from reading labels. I’m so grateful I didn’t need to ask “Is there a vegan meal? Plain potato? A few leaves of wilted lettuce?!”

Thank you for creating the opportunity for so many of us who’ve only met each other through emails, blog comments, and forum posts to meet in person. Thank you for the laughs, the car rides, the tots, and the White Russian cat sleepover. Most of all, thank you for smiling and greeting me as if we were old friends, from the second I walked into the registration line, until the moment I left.

I’m so, so glad I was able to be a part of this incredible event. I have many more amazing people to thank and share stories about, but first I had to acknowledge the three women who made this all possible. Also, I’ve run out of synonyms for “awesome,” which just proves how fantastic the weekend was. Okay, I guess I had one more.

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