MoFo Day 8: Burlington Eats

This one is going to be short because it’s late and I’m writing this from my phone since the hotel WiFi is spotty. I am determined to share something every single day this month if I can! I’ll edit this post and add links to restaurants as soon as I have a real internet connection.

We arrived in Burlington just in time for lunch and headed to Bueno Y Sano for some huge burritos filled with barbecue seitan, rice, and black beans.

I’d noticed a cupcake bakery on our way to to lunch, and stopped in hoping they’d have at least one vegan flavor. They actually had two, which is way better than none.

I decided on two mini-cakes in Salted Caramel and Maple Pumpkin Spice, which were about two bites each. Carl and I had a bite of each. I love chocolate, but thought the texture of the pumpkin was better.

After a few hikes to work off our meal, we headed to A Single Pebble, which is probably our favorite restaurant in Vermont. The chef trained in China, and while the restaurant isn’t completely veg, there are lots of vegan dishes, or dishes that can be easily made vegan by subbing tofu or seitan.

I’m too shy to bring my big camera into restaurants most of the time, and sadly, my phone died right after the appetizer. I did snap this photo of the vegetable potstickers in a spinach wrapper. They were bursting with perfectly cooked cabbage and diced mushrooms.

We were also served a complimentary crunchy and refreshing napa cabbage salad because service was slow that night due to some computer outages.

Then, we shared Buddha’s Sesame Beef–big crispy pieces of seitan in a savory, rich sesame soy sauce with mixed veggies and Five Spice Chicken–tofu in five spice sauce over fresh steamed veggies.

Both were delicious, but we always realize too late we should just share an entree in most places, especially when we can’t really take leftovers.

I’m stuffed and sleepy–see you tomorrow!

4 Responses to “MoFo Day 8: Burlington Eats”
  1. Jojo says:

    Yum, a salted caramel cupcakes sounds just about perfect right now.

  2. Bazu says:

    We ALWAYS say we should split something when we’re on the road but when you’re in a new place, and hungry, and perusing an exiting menu…well you know how it goes…

  3. A Single Pebble is one of my favorite eateries and the Buddha’s Beef is my favorite dish- YUM!

  4. Mo says:

    Gah! Maple pumpkin spice!

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