MoFo Day 9: Dinner in Albany

Carl and I left Burlington today, but not before stuffing ourselves with more burritos, salad, and cupcakes.

We  stopped in Albany tonight, and decided to try out New World Bistro Bar, after seeing a menu posted on their website with lots of vegan options. We sat on the patio, and it was just too dark for photos.We decided to just split everything, since we’ve been full pretty much our entire trip. We started off with the Veggie Autumn Rolls. The rice papers were stuffed with rice noodles, smoked tofu pickled grated butternut squash, mint, and shiitakes. There were also crushed coriander seeds, and they were served with an vinegary apple cider nuoc cham. I think if one strong element was chosen, these would have been perfect. They were definitely more than edible, but were just a bit much for our palates.

Next, we had the Bluecorn Crusted Seitan Medallions. The texture of the seitan was so perfect and tender that I asked if it was housemade. It’s made locally,not in-house, but who cares? I didn’t even need a knife to cut into it. It was served with tangy tomatillo sauce, braised kale, black beans, rice, and a pile of luscious whipped sweet potatoes that we battled over, and Carl doesn’t usually like sweet potatoes!

For dessert we ordered a pear and butternut squash crumble, which sounded weird, but was actually a really good combo. There was also lemon sorbet, but how often does a non-veg restaurant serve something besides sorbet or a fruit cup?

I was thinking earlier that I needed to try different kinds of winter squash in desserts. Pumpkin is the most popular, but who says we can’t have a butternut squash pie, or muffins?

We’re headed to Ithaca tomorrow, and then home. Hopefully we have a few more great meals, and better lighting.

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  1. celyn says:

    The seitan and potatoes sound amazing! I hope you two are having a great time!

  2. Jojo says:

    I read somewhere that most pumpkin puree is actually butternut squash, crazy right?! Your food sounds great & I know that eating so much whilst travelling that you feel constantly full felling well!

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