MoFo Day 12: Breakfast Cookies

I had a hard time choosing a recipe from Pinterest for today’s recipe. I either didn’t have the ingredients, or they’d end up taking too long to make.

Finally, I settled on these Carrot Cherry Breakfast Cookies because today I ate a freezer burned sandwich thin with vegan nutella. We really need to go food shopping.

I realized that every single carrot I had in the refrigerator had given up, but I did have some sweet potatoes. I subbed applesauce for most of the oil, and added a pinch of nutmeg, but other than that, I followed the recipe.

These are soft, hearty, and not too sweet–I can’t wait for breakfast tomorrow morning!
Sweet Potato Cherry Breakfast Cookies

I also have a ton of shredded sweet potatoes left. Maybe sweet potato hash browns with dinner tomorrow?

3 Responses to “MoFo Day 12: Breakfast Cookies”
  1. Sweet potato hash browns sound amazing!

  2. Kimberly says:

    These cookies look great — I love the idea of cookies for breakfast. My kids will be all over these!

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