MoFo Day 19: Easy Yeasted Bread

It’s Wednesday, so it’s time for a recipe from Pinterest. I decided to make the Easy Little Bread Recipe I’ve been eying from 101 Cookbooks. Heidi’s blog was one of the first food blogs I read, and I continue to enjoy the way she makes simple, wholesome ingredients look and taste so good.

I was really attracted to this bread because of how easy it seemed to put together. Even though I’m easily distracted, especially after a particularly long day at work, I still had this bread rising in under an hour.

I decided to use a little extra whole wheat, and a little less white. I subbed almond milk for the water, and used maple syrup instead of honey. This reminded me a lot of beer bread. This bread sliced beautifully, and was great warm out of the oven with some coconut Earth Balance and a little plum jam. I think I’d add just a little more maple syrup next time, but this bread would be a wonderful accompaniment to any savory meal, or make a delicious breakfast with a little nut butter and jam.

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  1. Mo says:

    Now I want freshly baked bread.

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