MoFo Day 25: Pokez

Work has been kicking my butt a little lately, so I’m doing a little vacation flashback. Pokéz was heartily recommended when I mentioned I’d be in San Diego for a few days. I went with my sister-in-law and enjoyed this enormous platter of food. It was so inexpensive, I ordered two potato and chorizo enchiladas with rice and beans, thinking it would be just enough food. This huge platter was enough for two very filling meals. Read More Share:Click to share on Facebook... Read More

MoFo Day 10: San Francisco

We’re back home from a weekend roadtrip and a 9-hour drive today, so I’m doing a little flashback to my summer vacation today. After Vida Vegan Con, I met up with my sister-in-law for a quick trip to San Francisco. We were only there one full day and two nights, but managed to eat really, really well! After getting off the plane and finding our rental, we decided on takeout from Indian Oven, which my brother-in-law recommended. We were lucky enough to be able to see... Read More

MoFo Day 9: Dinner in Albany

Carl and I left Burlington today, but not before stuffing ourselves with more burritos, salad, and cupcakes. We  stopped in Albany tonight, and decided to try out New World Bistro Bar, after seeing a menu posted on their website with lots of vegan options. We sat on the patio, and it was just too dark for photos. Read More Share:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Google+ (Opens in new window)Click... Read More

MoFo Day 8: Burlington Eats

This one is going to be short because it’s late and I’m writing this from my phone since the hotel WiFi is spotty. I am determined to share something every single day this month if I can! I’ll edit this post and add links to restaurants as soon as I have a real internet connection. We arrived in Burlington just in time for lunch and headed to Bueno Y Sano for some huge burritos filled with barbecue seitan, rice, and black beans. I’d noticed a cupcake bakery... Read More

MoFo Day 7: Issei Noodle

Carl and I always like to plan our meals when we’re headed out of town so we don’t end up eating at Subway unless absolutely necessary. We knew we’d be driving through Carlisle, PA tonight and scoped out a great looking restaurant online. We didn’t realize the restaurant where we’d planned to eat dinner required reservations, so we headed down the street to Issei Noodle. We hoped that since it was a noodle restaurant that there would be at least a... Read More

Vida Vegan Con Recap Part II

Ok, back to the much delayed vacation recap. It’s hard to concisely wrap up Vida Vegan Con because so much greatness happened that  weekend. Saturday, I got up early for breakfast. There was a huge spread including food options for those who were raw, gluten free, nut free, and soy free. I picked fruit, chia pudding, a fluffy gluten free pancake, and plenty of coffee and juice. The coffee was from Stumptown roasters—I wish I’d bought some when I was in town! There... Read More

Vida Vegan Con – Conference Recap, Part I

I got into PDX late Thursday night, so I missed some of the early activities. Friday morning, after getting very detailed and enthusiastic MAX instructions from the person at the hotel’s front desk, I decided to walk to Flavourspot. My stomach was still on east coast time, so I didn’t realize it had formed a waffle sandwich shaped hole. The waffle was perfectly cooked – crispy outside, soft inside. The flavorful and savory sausage was a nice compliment to the... Read More

Vida Vegan Con – Thank You!

I can’t believe Vida Vegan Con is over, and I’m home. VVC was the beginning of a 10 day west coast trip for me, and I have so much to share. I remember reading the announcement nearly a year ago, buying my ticket last December, and enduring months of nervousness and anticipation. The weekend flew by, and while I was expecting it to be wonderful, it was even better than I’d hoped. Thank you, thank you, thank you Jess, Michele, and Janessa for the marvelous job... Read More


Carl and I decided to get away from the snow and darkness a few weeks ago, and headed to The Big Island in Hawaii. We had an amazing time hiking, swimming, and relaxing. We also visited Volcanoes National Park, and although we only saw steam, not flowing lava it was still incredible walking on “new” earth. The ground is younger than we are in certain places in the park. We had a great time, and of course, we ate a lot. I tried to eat my weight in fruit every day because... Read More

Bratislava and Budapest

I’ve been so busy lately with moving, some projects, etc. I really need to start picking up my camera again. I’ve been cooking up a storm lately, I just haven’t been documenting it. Now that we’re settled in, things should pick up again! Then, I realized my trip was almost six months ago, and I started writing this several months ago. Anyway, on with the much-delayed trip report. While our home-base was Vienna, we also took side trips to Bratislava and... Read More