Vegan MoFo : Day 5 – Almaz with Friends

Just a quick post. I haven’t gone to bed yet, so it’s technically still Friday night, right? Tonight I had dinner at Almaz, an Ethiopian restaurant in DC with lots of vegan options. The dinner was in honor of some friends who were in town from San Francisco, and it was a good opportunity to see other friends I haven’t seen in a while. The first time I had Ethiopian, I didn’t really like it, so it was years before I tried it again. I’ll have to thank... Read More

Vegan Mofo – Vegan Night – Brookland Cafe

More and more restaurants in the DC area are offering vegan options as part of their regular menu. Brookland Cafe is now hosting a vegan night every Wednesday from 4pm – 11pm. One of the chefs comes from Soul Veg, another great place to eat. Brookland Cafe is conveniently located a few blocks from the Brookland/CUA station on the red line, so a friend and I decided to meet up and try it out. The cafe is tucked in a residential neighborhood, and is a cute place with colorful... Read More

DC PPK Meet-up: Vegan MoFo Edition

The good thing about committing to a month of writing (even though I missed a couple of days, there) is that I force myself to post pictures and write about things that usually get neglected. I tend to take pictures at parties and restaurant meetings and plan to post them or share them, I really do. Then, a week or two goes by, and it just becomes embarrassing at that point to bother. So they go into my permanent collection, never to be seen by anyone except for me. I’m... Read More