Recipe Testing and Recent Eats

I’ve been testing for Vegan Guinea Pig‘s upcoming project. These chili dogs were really tasty and incredibly easy, like so many of Alicia’s recipes. I topped them with a little Cheddar-Style Daiya and served oven fries on the side. When we were in Hawaii, we had potato tacos quite a few times, and I’ve been thinking of them ever since. I finally decided to get some ingredients and just wing it. I was really happy with the way these turned out! I made a... Read More

Vegan Mofo – Vegan Night – Brookland Cafe

More and more restaurants in the DC area are offering vegan options as part of their regular menu. Brookland Cafe is now hosting a vegan night every Wednesday from 4pm – 11pm. One of the chefs comes from Soul Veg, another great place to eat. Brookland Cafe is conveniently located a few blocks from the Brookland/CUA station on the red line, so a friend and I decided to meet up and try it out. The cafe is tucked in a residential neighborhood, and is a cute place with colorful... Read More

Garlicky Kale, Lentils, and Tempeh Bacon over Quinoa

Try to contain yourself. I’m actually posting twice in a month, and I’ve actually written a recipe, if you can call it that. I’d been dreaming about something smokey, with tempeh, some sort of bean or lentil, and greens over a grain, and since I generally always have greens, beans, grains, and some sort of tempeh in my pantry and refrigerator. This dish comes together really quickly; dinner was on the table in about 45 minutes, which is great if you’re... Read More

Vegan MoFo: Easy Weeknight Dinners

I’m not doing so well with posting everyday, but things are getting a little less crazy around here, so I should have more time for cooking very soon. Maybe I’ll just have LuKi MoFo at some point. I live about 30 miles from work, and some days, with traffic, it can take almost 2 hours to get home. So, by the time I get there, I’m ready to eat immediately. I try not to eat too much processed stuff, but some nights I end up falling asleep face first on the sofa... Read More