V-Spot Brooklyn, NY

Well, my goal for MoFo this year was to post more than usual, and definitely more than last year, which I accomplished. I also hoped it would be a nice jump start to get me blogging more regularly. I may not post every week, at least until we move, but I will try to post a couple of times of month. There are a lot of blogs out there, I’m happy if one or two people come across mine now and then and find something they like. Anyway, on to the food! Before Bazu and I left on... Read More

DC PPK Meet-up: Vegan MoFo Edition

The good thing about committing to a month of writing (even though I missed a couple of days, there) is that I force myself to post pictures and write about things that usually get neglected. I tend to take pictures at parties and restaurant meetings and plan to post them or share them, I really do. Then, a week or two goes by, and it just becomes embarrassing at that point to bother. So they go into my permanent collection, never to be seen by anyone except for me. I’m... Read More