Vegan MoFo Day 4: Curried Squash & Lentil Soup

In May, my husband and I went to a festival in Delaware. It was so unseasonably hot that we decided to trek out to Rehoboth Beach for the day, to grab some lunch and get closer to a cool breeze. We looked for a place on Happy Cow (actually, the VegOut app, could I link to any more pages?), and decided on Hobos Restaurant because Carl wanted fries. I was skeptical about the menu at first, because the only thing I really saw on the menu at the time were a few salads and wraps,... Read More

Vegan Mofo: Day 3 – Quick and Tasty Beans & Greens

Tonight’s dinner was pulled together from my weekly organic fruit and vegetable box delivery. There was a time that I hated carrots, cooked or raw. I love carrots now, and I while still think black licorice was created merely to torture people, I love the sweet and subtly licorice flavor of fennel. Tonight, I roasted some carrots and fennel with tarragon and thyme, and cooked up some really easy and tasty cannellini beans, kale, and tomatoes. Beans, Greens, and Tomatoes 1/2... Read More

Vegan Mofo: Day 2 – Frosty Weather

The early morning temperatures have dipped below freezing, and although I’m still drinking a frosty green smoothie for breakfast, I’ve been craving fall flavors. Soon, I’ll probably start eating warm cereal for breakfast. I have a ton of amaranth that I need to use up, along with a lot of other things in my pantry, but that’s an entry for another day. Tonight’s dinner included Lemon Herb Tofu. The recipe in Vive Le Vegan was one of the first I made,... Read More

Vegan MoFo: Day 1 – The Day of the Greens

Happy Vegan Mofo/Vegan Day! I started out today, meaning to take photos of everything I ate, but by the time I got to a very late lunch, I was too hungry to stop shoveling food in my mouth long enough to take a shot with my phone’s camera. Despite someone seriously insisting that too many vegetables would make me sick, I ate greens with pretty much every meal today. There was a green smoothie with kale, banana, mango, pineapple, and ginger—my current favorite. For a snack,... Read More

Vegan MoFo 2010

The 2010 Vegan Month of Food is quickly approaching. Bloggers all over the world will write about vegan food during the month of November. The goal is to post every day, with at least 20 posts that month. Time to polish off those neglected blogs (I’m mostly talking to myself here), and start writing about food! If you’re interested in participating, just fill out this nifty form, and you’ll be added to the list of participants. The deadline is November 2, though,... Read More

Bratislava and Budapest

I’ve been so busy lately with moving, some projects, etc. I really need to start picking up my camera again. I’ve been cooking up a storm lately, I just haven’t been documenting it. Now that we’re settled in, things should pick up again! Then, I realized my trip was almost six months ago, and I started writing this several months ago. Anyway, on with the much-delayed trip report. While our home-base was Vienna, we also took side trips to Bratislava and... Read More

Other things I loved about Vienna…

More ice cream. Lovely, rich, deliciously smooth ice cream in pure flavors like hazelnut, chocolate, and raspberry. I would have eaten more but I didn’t want to embarrass myself (any further, at least)… The creamiest soy yogurt I’ve ever tasted with bright fruit flavors. I packed packages of the Alpro brand in my suitcase when I was flying out of Finland, and ate as much as I possibly could while I was there. I have a yogurt maker in storage right now, and I... Read More

Vegan Vienna Adventures

I’ve been meaning to write about this for a while, especially since I visited Vienna back in mid-October. I had a blast, and ate tons of amazing food. When Bazu and I arrived, we were famished, so after dropping off our bags at our friend Carmen’s, we headed over to Formosa Vegetarian to meet up with Melanie and Rachel. I decided to try out a Bionade drink, which was really light, bubbly, refreshing, with just a hint of sweetness. Then I had Cordon Bleu with a potato... Read More

V-Spot Brooklyn, NY

Well, my goal for MoFo this year was to post more than usual, and definitely more than last year, which I accomplished. I also hoped it would be a nice jump start to get me blogging more regularly. I may not post every week, at least until we move, but I will try to post a couple of times of month. There are a lot of blogs out there, I’m happy if one or two people come across mine now and then and find something they like. Anyway, on to the food! Before Bazu and I left on... Read More

Vegan MoFo: Hit By a Sturm!

Vienna was an amazing city, and I didn’t even touch the surface of all there is to see, do, and eat. On our last day, bazu, her friend Lucy, and I decided to try and do a little last minute site-seeing, and ended up in front of the Rathaus, drawn in by the carnival and food booths in front of it. We decided to order a round of Sturm, a fermented grape juice, only available in the fall during grape harvest season.  It was so refreshing and sweet that we didn’t realize... Read More