MoFo Day 7: Issei Noodle

Carl and I always like to plan our meals when we’re headed out of town so we don’t end up eating at Subway unless absolutely necessary. We knew we’d be driving through Carlisle, PA tonight and scoped out a great looking restaurant online. We didn’t realize the restaurant where we’d planned to eat dinner required reservations, so we headed down the street to Issei Noodle. We hoped that since it was a noodle restaurant that there would be at least a... Read More

Vegan MoFo : Day 8 : Madras Palace

Yesterday afternoon, I had the rare treat of meeting up with my husband for lunch. One of his clients canceled, so he didn’t have to go in until later in the afternoon. I’m always looking for something new to try out, so I checked out and found Madras Palace, a vegetarian Indian restaurant with a lunch buffet. Carl got there a few minutes before me, so asked our server to show him the vegan options. There was actually quite a bit to choose from. I would have... Read More

Vegan MoFo : Day 6 : Vegetable Garden

Saturday afternoon, my mother-in-law, sister-in-law, nephew (although at only six weeks old, he didn’t eat much), and I went to Vegetable Garden for a little belated birthday celebration. Located in a strip mall near White Flint Metro in Rockville, MD, Vegetable Garden has been open for nearly a decade. I believe their menu is completely vegan, and most of the food is Asian. There are lots of combinations I’ve never seen on other Chinese-American menus, though. There... Read More

Vegan Vienna Adventures

I’ve been meaning to write about this for a while, especially since I visited Vienna back in mid-October. I had a blast, and ate tons of amazing food. When Bazu and I arrived, we were famished, so after dropping off our bags at our friend Carmen’s, we headed over to Formosa Vegetarian to meet up with Melanie and Rachel. I decided to try out a Bionade drink, which was really light, bubbly, refreshing, with just a hint of sweetness. Then I had Cordon Bleu with a potato... Read More

Asheville Road Trip

I’m still here, although I don’t know if anyone is still reading! I’m planning a new strategy to post more often. We’ll see how long it lasts! In any case, the husband and I rented a house for an extra-long weekend in Asheville at the end of June. We visited the Biltmore Estate, which really has to be seen in person to be fully appreciated. Their servants lived in better conditions than some disadvantaged people in this country. We also hiked, shopped,... Read More

Horizons in Philadelphia

Well, our oven is broken, I have a nasty cold, and it’s the time of year where I’m tired of winter food, but it isn’t quite time for spring and summer produce yet, so meals have consisted of a lot of packaged food and soup. I have tested a couple of recipes, but I only have a photo for one of them. I know, so many excuses. My husband, C* and I took a trip up for Philadelphia a few weeks ago to see a Death Cab for Cutie show, and eat at a couple of restaurants.... Read More

I’m back!!

Apparently, there is a Worpress application on iPhone, which will make it much easier to blog on the go. In fact, I composed this while speeding through the streets of DC. Just kidding!! I’ve also decided that every post doesn’t need to contain a recipe, and every photo doesn’t need to be composed and perfect. As much as it kills me, it’s the only way I know I’ll actually blog on a regular basis. This blog is about food. Good, vegan food. I started... Read More

DC PPK Meet-up: Vegan MoFo Edition

The good thing about committing to a month of writing (even though I missed a couple of days, there) is that I force myself to post pictures and write about things that usually get neglected. I tend to take pictures at parties and restaurant meetings and plan to post them or share them, I really do. Then, a week or two goes by, and it just becomes embarrassing at that point to bother. So they go into my permanent collection, never to be seen by anyone except for me. I’m... Read More