Vegan MoFo : Day 6 : Vegetable Garden

Saturday afternoon, my mother-in-law, sister-in-law, nephew (although at only six weeks old, he didn’t eat much), and I went to Vegetable Garden for a little belated birthday celebration. Located in a strip mall near White Flint Metro in Rockville, MD, Vegetable Garden has been open for nearly a decade. I believe their menu is completely vegan, and most of the food is Asian. There are lots of combinations I’ve never seen on other Chinese-American menus, though. There... Read More

Vegan MoFo : Day 5 – Almaz with Friends

Just a quick post. I haven’t gone to bed yet, so it’s technically still Friday night, right? Tonight I had dinner at Almaz, an Ethiopian restaurant in DC with lots of vegan options. The dinner was in honor of some friends who were in town from San Francisco, and it was a good opportunity to see other friends I haven’t seen in a while. The first time I had Ethiopian, I didn’t really like it, so it was years before I tried it again. I’ll have to thank... Read More

V-Spot Brooklyn, NY

Well, my goal for MoFo this year was to post more than usual, and definitely more than last year, which I accomplished. I also hoped it would be a nice jump start to get me blogging more regularly. I may not post every week, at least until we move, but I will try to post a couple of times of month. There are a lot of blogs out there, I’m happy if one or two people come across mine now and then and find something they like. Anyway, on to the food! Before Bazu and I left on... Read More

I’m back!!

Apparently, there is a Worpress application on iPhone, which will make it much easier to blog on the go. In fact, I composed this while speeding through the streets of DC. Just kidding!! I’ve also decided that every post doesn’t need to contain a recipe, and every photo doesn’t need to be composed and perfect. As much as it kills me, it’s the only way I know I’ll actually blog on a regular basis. This blog is about food. Good, vegan food. I started... Read More