Vegan MoFo : Day 7 : Organic Delivery Box

I try to buy local produce as much as possible, or at least organic. I’ve wanted to join a CSA for the past few years, but due to my work situation and other constraints I’ve missed out the past few years. There are lots of farmers’ markets and produce stands during the summer, but now that the weather is cold, and I’m working full-time, I’ve started ordering a weekly box of organic produce. It isn’t much more expensive than a trip to the grocery... Read More

Vegan Mofo: Day 3 – Quick and Tasty Beans & Greens

Tonight’s dinner was pulled together from my weekly organic fruit and vegetable box delivery. There was a time that I hated carrots, cooked or raw. I love carrots now, and I while still think black licorice was created merely to torture people, I love the sweet and subtly licorice flavor of fennel. Tonight, I roasted some carrots and fennel with tarragon and thyme, and cooked up some really easy and tasty cannellini beans, kale, and tomatoes. Beans, Greens, and Tomatoes 1/2... Read More