Other things I loved about Vienna…

More ice cream. Lovely, rich, deliciously smooth ice cream in pure flavors like hazelnut, chocolate, and raspberry. I would have eaten more but I didn’t want to embarrass myself (any further, at least)… The creamiest soy yogurt I’ve ever tasted with bright fruit flavors. I packed packages of the Alpro brand in my suitcase when I was flying out of Finland, and ate as much as I possibly could while I was there. I have a yogurt maker in storage right now, and I... Read More

Vegan Vienna Adventures

I’ve been meaning to write about this for a while, especially since I visited Vienna back in mid-October. I had a blast, and ate tons of amazing food. When Bazu and I arrived, we were famished, so after dropping off our bags at our friend Carmen’s, we headed over to Formosa Vegetarian to meet up with Melanie and Rachel. I decided to try out a Bionade drink, which was really light, bubbly, refreshing, with just a hint of sweetness. Then I had Cordon Bleu with a potato... Read More

Vegan MoFo: Hit By a Sturm!

Vienna was an amazing city, and I didn’t even touch the surface of all there is to see, do, and eat. On our last day, bazu, her friend Lucy, and I decided to try and do a little last minute site-seeing, and ended up in front of the Rathaus, drawn in by the carnival and food booths in front of it. We decided to order a round of Sturm, a fermented grape juice, only available in the fall during grape harvest season.  It was so refreshing and sweet that we didn’t realize... Read More